Quick Tips (Spring / Summer 2007)

March 21st, 2007

A Different Spring Cleaner

It’s probably in your garage and a great cleaning tool for all kinds of things: a leaf blower! I suggest you clean all the following items outside.

  • TIP 1 Blow the dust out of your vacuum cleaner filter and vacuum dust cup after emptying.
  • TIP 2 It is also a good way to clean off a damp tent or tarp that has mud or leaves stuck to it.
  • TIP 3 Blow all the sand off the umbrella, toys and chairs you use at the beach.
  • TIP 4 Open all the doors to your car and blow all the dust and grit onto the street.
  • TIP 5 Aim the leaf blower at your window screens and watch the dust fly.
  • TIP 6 Blast dust off patio furniture and patio umbrellas.

Vacation Helpers

Don’t forget to pack these handy items next time you travel:

  • a laundry stain stick (rub on and keep stains from setting until wash day)
  • suction cup, hinged-hooks (great for hanging up wet items in the shower)
  • batteries and chargers for cell phones, ipods etc
  • a night light
  • bubble wrap or tissue to wrap fragile souvenirs
  • small nail clippers (often hard to find in foreign countries)
  • zip top plastic bags
  • a photocopy of your passport (great resource if yours is stolen)
  • credit card customer service phone numbers (also handy in times of theft)
  • Also, to avoid misplacing your wallet or ID in airport security lines, place it in your carry on when you empty your pockets to go through the scanner.

Bon Voyage!

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