Quick Tips (Spring / Summer 2006)

March 21st, 2006

Displaying small collectables
Utensil Sorters / Drawer organizers

  • TIP 1 Utensil Sorters / Drawer organizers
    Wooden or bamboo kitchen utensil sorters are too pretty to go in drawers! They can make great shadow boxes! Hang one horizontally on the wall to display small items or collections. (These can be great places for children’s small collectables or treasures, and it gets all those little things off the floor!)
  • TIP 2 CD / DVD wall shelves
    Many small units made to store CD’s or DVD’s on the wall can serve as display shelves for small knick knacks or collections. Hang them in groups on the wall. (Choose storage units without the slats for each individual CD or DVD box to slide into).

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