Quick Tips (Spring / Summer 2005)

March 21st, 2005

Flower Pot Power!

  • TIP 1 Decorative flower pots or baskets can coordinate with your décor as:
    • Kitchen utensil holders
    • Storage places for extra toilet paper roll on back of toilet tank
    • Catch all bins for mail
    • Phone message centers with pens and paper
    • Remote control bins
    • Catch all for keys, cell phones and re-chargers
  • TIP 2 Larger, decorative, plant pots or basketscan be used as a
    • Toy bin
    • Umbrella stand
    • Newspaper or magazine bin
    • Den catch all for throws, blankets, pillows
    • Laundry hamper
    • Extra towel storage in bathrooms (roll towels so they fit better)
    • Catch all for cleaning or sanitary supplies in bathrooms

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