Quick Tips (Fall / Winter 2006)

October 21st, 2006

Controlling “paper-weight”
Invitations, coupons, notices

  • TIP 1 Keep a large clip (like a binder clip) on the nail with your wall calendar. Attach all invitations for the month on the clip so you have them when needed.
  • TIP 2 Designate a home for all the coupons you receive in the mail, or clip from the newspaper. Also place all your store club/discount membership cards in this bin, and any gift cards you may have. You will have them all in once place when you are ready to shop.
  • TIP 3 Alternately, place any coupons you may use in your car. Keep a small wallet or coin purse in the car with all your discount or membership cards, or gift cards in it. Don’t forget to toss the old coupons as they expire.
  • TIP 4 Consider all notices and forms from your child’s school high-priority, action items for the day you receive them. Fill them out, include the fees and send them right back. You will be happy not to have to deal with them last minute, and your child won’t come home grumpy because he/she was the only one without pizza money. (Don’t forget to mark your calendar with any related information like sending in a bag lunch for a field trip, or wearing nicer clothes for picture day.)
  • TIP 5 Likewise, try to RSVP as soon as you receive an invitation. Most people use email these days. It is much easier than a phone call, and you can immediately toss the invitation out or keep it, (clip it to your calendar), depending on your plans.
  • TIP 6 Post a quick reference home phone list by your telephone. Place your name, full address and home, cell and work phone numbers on the top. Then list all house maintenance companies: (AC/Heat, plumber, alarm company, garden/tree service, electrician, cleaning service, handyman etc). Also list the car service center you use, any doctors, dentists, veterinarians, or pharmacies you use, schools your children attend, and helpful neighbors. This will save you time looking for phone numbers and will also be handy for house or baby sitters.

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