Quick Tips (Fall / Winter 2005)

October 21st, 2005

Reuse / recycle / improvise!

  • TIP 1 Use a Bench
    • Instead of a table, benches are great for narrow entry ways to store purses, back packs or briefcases.
    • Store shoes under the bench.
    • Move the bench for use as extra seating when guests arrive.
    • Move the bench and use as an extra coffee table or informal eating table; or use as a craft or eating table for small children.
  • TIP 2 Shoe Boxes
    Cover sturdy shoe boxes (lids removed) with decorative contact paper, wall paper, or glue on pretty fabric. Use in closets, dressers or any place you need a bin. Shoe boxes can be easily become:

    • Small toy bins
    • Mail sorters (one for bills, one for coupons etc)
    • Hair accessory catch alls
    • Box for school notices and schedules
    • CD, DVD, or video tape bins
    • Organizers in deep drawers
    • Bins for spray bottles and cleaning solutions under your sinks. They easily slide in and out so you can find what you need.

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