Organizing Quick Tips spring/summer 2010

February 9th, 2010

Re-usable Shopping bags

Place re-usable shopping bags in the same location you normally put your wallet or purse.  They will remind you to take them with you when you leave your house. 

If you use a car, try to remember to store your extra bags in the car.  Put them by your purse or wallet as a reminder to bring them back to the car.

Re-usable bags are not just for the grocery store.  Take a few in with you next time you shop at a mall, department store or discount store.  They are a lot nicer than the flimsy plastic ones many shops give you these days.

Re-usable bags are great for children for items that don’t fit in their backpacks.  They are more durable than plastic, especially if your child rides a bus and gets jostled around.

Make re-usable bags “goodie bags” for different events.  This is a way to promote recycling and a practical gift itself.

Making a habit of carrying re-usable bags makes economical sense. Some businesses are now charging you for a bag and others give you a modest discount when use your own bags.

Be sure to re-use any paper  or plastic shopping bags you have too.  Many are study enough to use several times, and are useful when you don’t care about getting your bag returned to you.

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