How We Work

closet organization before and after

Our organizer will come to your home and work in hour time blocks.

Different rates are charged per hour, based on the type of services provided. An hour minimum is required for an organizing evaluation, where we give suggestions and ideas for your projects, but you do the actual hands on work. A two hour minimum is required for actual organizing services, where we do the work with you. You will receive individual attention from a friendly organizer who will listen to your areas of frustration and help you to clarify your needs and goals. Usually the organizer will go through your whole house with you during the first hour and help you determine the areas of most immediate need. The organizer will develop a plan and then you will work along side the organizer, telling them what items are important or necessary. Sometimes this requires tough decisions, but your organizer will guide you through this process.

rec room before and after organizationDepending on the nature of the job, sometimes the organizer can work alone. This is possible after there is a clear understanding of your needs and goals, and what is important to you.

If new storage supplies like bins, file folders and shelves are necessary, we charge a half-hour rate to get them for you, and you also pay for their cost. Your organizer will have a limited selection of supplies on hand. If you choose to use any of them, you are only responsible for their cost.

We will provide solutions to storing what you need to keep and provide information on moving and disposal services in your area.

National-Association-of-Professional-Organizers-LogoWe can transport a limited amount of items that you may wish to donate to charitable organizations or arrange pick up for the donation or disposal of larger items. We charge a half-hour rate for this service, and we will provide you with the tax receipt after this service is performed. Any disposal fees are the responsibility of the client.

Search No More, LLC, is a member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, Washington DC metro chapter (