Quick Tips (Fall / Winter 2004)

October 21st, 2004

Household Tips for Almost Every Room!

  • TIP 1 Sort mail and dispose / recycle junk mail the day it arrives.
  • TIP 2 Keep a pack of cleaning wipes in each bathroom for fast clean ups.
  • TIP 3 Have a designated place for each child’s school bag or backpack. It stays in its home until it’s time for school again the next day.
  • TIP 4 It’s the same with kids’ school papers: designate a box or basket for all the papers and notices that come home each day. Clean it out over the weekend before the next week starts.
  • TIP 5 Keep an attractive basket of soap next to the bathtub or shower so there is always another bar when you need it.
  • TIP 6 If you are interested in a magazine article or picture tear it out and keep them in files; don’t keep the whole magazine.